Tali, Batangas

Amelietali We spent most of our time in Tali, on the rooftop because of the views. Mountains behinds us, the sea directly in front of us. The sunsets and sunrises here are those “you may never have this chance again” type of moments.

7 young women, all of us artists in some way, to get away from our worlds for give-us-at-least-2-days. Imagine 7 young women, on a private rooftop view, eating mangosteens and other healthy foods, listening to music, relaxing.

“Jacky, I wish you understood Tagalog more,” Beauty yearned. She stood up and pulled me closer. Half singing with her eyes closed, half translating for me the deep words of the Filipino Love Songs. Even with me understanding only a fraction, I could see how these ballads were emotional.IMG_5417

Jec changed it soon to Cigarettes After Sex. The perfect background music to hear each other, listen, give advice, laugh, cry, dance, cry because we are laughing so hard, chill, be.

Tali is a wonderful place to retreat. Mother Nature worked it’s magic on us that weekend. The serenity of it all, Fortune Island in view, with Tali in another quiet tucked away corner of Batangas , had us clear our minds. This is a place for private conversations, for bonding, for advice.

MadzandB.jpgThe sunsets and the sunrises here will help. The views. The rooftops. We all left a little more with a clearer mind, a much more clearer understanding of our lessons and where we are headed.

The next day we drove back to Metro. All of us back to our busy schedules. Before we leave, one last rooftop session, we decide. Not our last group hug.